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I'm a software engineer / partner working for a young company in Austin, Texas, USA. I spend most of my free time hanging out with friends and family, eating out, and partying in the Warehouse District. I should spend more time working on my house....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


I don't think first posts are all that important. Just because this is the first post doesn't mean it has some special meaning beyond chronological order. Having said that I will give a run-down of what I plan to post on this blog:

The majority of blogs that I read are political, but this blog probably won't focus on politics. I will comment on politics, but that won't make up a majority of the posts.

I work in the software industry, but this blog won't have any tech info on it. I leave work at the office.

I find the most interesting blogs give you insight into an individual personality, their thoughts and insights. That is what I want from this blog. It will be a window into my personality, an incomplete view of my perspective on the world. Maybe others will find it interesting.

As for the url: http://notmydiary.blogspot.com was the first thing I could come up with that hadn't already been taken. I think it is a rather simple summary of what I will post here. Not my most intimate thoughts, but maybe my most interesting.

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