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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Political Haiku

I haven't tried writing any Haiku in a long time, so I am sure I am off on some (many?) of these, but I couldn't sleep last night and this is what was bubbling up in my head.

Novak is a hack
His bias betrays America
He should be in prison

Likeable moron he seems
In truth a devious fiend
Working to destroy US.

Budget from black to red
Economic policies serve only business
Making America weak

A war based on lies
One thousand soldiers lost
Worst President Ever

Won't do estimates
Instead sealing soldiers fates
Pray they return safe

That is ok "Saint" John
I wasn't using my rights
Keep them safe for me?

Albert G
You justify torture
Damming all we stand for
Do you sleep at night?

You had potential
Squandered by a weaker man
Shamed around the world

It is hard to trust
Partisanship at its worst
Factor out the spin!

Not a vast majority
Loud and ugly though they are
Deliver us from them

Dirty tricks are your mark
Evil tactics your specialty indeed
History will damn you


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