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I'm a software engineer / partner working for a young company in Austin, Texas, USA. I spend most of my free time hanging out with friends and family, eating out, and partying in the Warehouse District. I should spend more time working on my house....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Quiet Weekend

I expect this weekend will be a quiet one around the house since my Housemate-Brother (HB) and Housemate-Friend (HF) are both going to be out of town. Maybe I will get lots of work done, odd jobs around the house, unpack boxes, clean out the garage, get groceries, and run some errands. Probably not though.

HB (see above for abbreviations) just accepted a new job today. We haven't had a chance to celebrate the new position and higher pay yet, but next weekend should be lots of fun! Congrats Bro! Now we have to make sure we make use of your discount before you lose it.

HF is partying in India, lucky bastard. Two of his brothers got married on the 14th. Excellent anniversary date if you can get it. I hope he will post an update on his blog at some point so we can see how things are going over there. I want pictures!


Anonymous mom said...

Have a fun if fruitful week-end. I would like to see pictures of the Indian weddding too!
Congrats to Ryan too!
M and D

Friday, February 18, 2005 8:27:00 PM  

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