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Monday, March 07, 2005

Even our Highway exits tell you Texas is BIG

Say you are driving northbound on I-35 in south Austin and are planning on exiting on Ben White going West (H-71 for you foreigners). The highway exit sign should help you by telling you nearby cities that you would be heading toward if you take that exit. It might suggest that if you exit there you would be headed toward Llano (73 miles away) or even San Angelo (225 miles away), but no the sign mentions El Paso (over 600! miles away). Holy Crap! That is just crazy. But true. Of course, as John Kelso of the Austin American Statesman tells us, they figured out that this was a bit odd and are going to fix it. Too bad for all those folks who were hoping to make that day trip to El Paso from San Marcos. ;-)


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