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Monday, March 07, 2005

The Great Helen Thomas

After reading this post on First Draft I went and read the article in the Troy Record. Holden of First Draft thought the most interesting part of the interview was about the fake White House reporter J.D. Gunkert (aka Jeff Gannon), but I thought the most interesting comments were her thoughts about the Iraq war and Bush generally:
She dubbed the war in Iraq "spreading democracy at gunpoint," calls Bush "the worst" president in American history, and blames Congress for not standing up to Bush on many issues along with the media for failing to ask the tough questions she never shied away from.

Helen Thomas is one of my personal heroes. She has been a White House reporter for 57 years and at 83 has real perspective on the Presidency. She asks tough questions and fights for real answers. I think her comments on the Bush Presidency give us some idea how history will view him.


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