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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

World perspective

I was looking at my customized Google News site tonight and noticed something bizarre. At the top of my Austin Texas Section was a link entitled "Texas at war over state bread". I thought, interesting so now there is a war over who's Texas Toast is the REAL Texas toast? But no, the article is about state Reps introducing bills to make either pan de campo or sourdough biscuits the official state bread. None of that was very interesting though once I realized that the link was to newkerala.com. What is newkerala.com? Well it is a daily new site in Kerala, India! That was the bizarre part. Somebody in Kerala, India thought that the story about controversy over the state bread in Texas was worth picking up off the UPI wire. It is amazing to me to think about how connected our world has become over my lifetime.

Of course the local paper put the legislative item of real importance on their front page. A bill that would bar Texas colleges from participating in the BCS bowls unless there was a playoff. In reality this just effects UT since none of the other Texas schools have a chance of being BCS schools anytime soon (sorry Ags).

As a final note, when will someone speak out for Texas Toast?!


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