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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Austin American Statesman has decided to pull the two most recent Doonesbury comic strips due to their use of the term "turd-blossom". The Statesman is not the only paper that decided not to run the strips. See this post on the Editor's blog for more info. They ask for comments in the blog on the issue and I posted a note:

I would have published the strip, but I don't think "turd" is profanity. I must have a degraded sense of the language.

Has anyone done a lexis-nexis search on the use of the word in the Statesman and print generally? I would be very curious to see the results. I know the name was mentioned in a Time magazine profile of Rove.

This isn't something that would be difficult for someone on the staff to do. Almost every reporter and certainly every major news paper has a subscription to the Lexis-Nexis service and would be skilled enough to perform just such a search to determine what number of actual uses of "turd" there have been in their paper in the last 5/10/25 years and do a similar search amongst all newspapers and then generally in print media. At least I think this is easy. I haven't done a Lexis-Nexis search in about 8-10 years, but it seemed pretty easy to use back then.

Note that according to dictionary.reference.com turd is considered vulgar.

Update: The Statesman Editorial Blog has put up another post on the issue. Apparently most of the readers disagree with their action.


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