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Thursday, July 14, 2005


I have read media reports of both my Senators showing support for Karl Rove in his revelation of a NOC CIA agent. This bothered me so I sent Senators Hutchison and Cornyn a letter:

I am very disturbed that you felt it appropriate to defend Karl Rove for his actions in revealing the identity of a NOC CIA agent. Regardless of Mr. Rove's intentions in this matter, and I am not certain they were ethical either, the revelation of this information borders on treason. Mr. Rove put the CIA operative, her family, other agents using the same cover and US allies with whom she had contact in danger by revealing this information. Additionally, he made it much more difficult for other agents to recruit informational assets in the future, and made it more difficult to recruit and keep NOC agents for the CIA itself. This is an enormous amount of damage that goes directly to the heart of US national security. I hope you will reconsider your support of Mr. Rove in this affair and will instead call for his dismissal and possible criminal prosecution. In light of 9/11 America's national security must be protected.

If you agree send your Senator a letter as well. Texans should start here.


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