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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Best cities for Singles

I had an argument last night with some friends over whether Austin was a good city for singles or not. We all agree that Austin women are HOT, but I said unfortunately Austin isn't a great city for single guys since there are more of us than single women. My friends disagreed and said that Forbes magazine had ranked Austin #1 best city for singles. They were right.

Unfortunately, when you look at the methodology for the ranking you see this:
Singles: The number of singles is based on the percentage of a metro's population above the age of 15 that has never been married. Data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Nothing about male/female ratios which is where the problem in Austin comes in. Austin is a great town for single WOMEN. Because there are 30K more men! For men on the other hand I think NYC would be a better option where there are 420K more women. I'll grant that the census bureau factsheets don't breakdown the singles for you in any easy way. I would love to have the number of singles between the ages of 21-45 to compare. But just on raw numbers I am going to argue that NYC is a better bet for a single guy than Austin.

Heck even Spokane, Washington has 10K more females than males!


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