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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Maybe God just hates George W. Bush?

I just finished reading this Pandagon post by fellow Austinite Amanda Marcotte about how some moronic anti-choice group decided that hurricane Katrina looked like a fetus and thus was an obvious sign from God that abortion was bad.

Using this same kind of logic, simpler actually, I have deduced that God hates George W. Bush and wants to punish him. Look at the evidence:

First, God doesn't give Bush a legitimate election win in 2000, forever tarnishing his presidency. Then WHAM 9/11 and God makes him look like a complete ass by having him sit their and read a children's book for like 20 minutes after learning it is going on. The stock bubble bursts and the country slides into recession which along with falling revenue (partially due to stupid tax cuts) leads the country into the worst fiscal state in decades. God keeps Bush's popularity high so that he can attack Iraq and come 2004 he just barely squeaks by with a win for re-election. Once the election is over BAM-BAM, his ratings tank to Watergate levels thanks to the total FUBAR going on in Iraq, high gas prices, and a pissed off Mom protesting him. Then, just to show who is in charge and making all of this shit go down God sends a bad-ass hurricane to create the Worst National Disaster in US history! And he/she/it does this while Bush is on VACATION.

I don't know what Georgie did to piss God off but I sincerely hope God decides to forgive and be merciful soon or the whole damn country may be destroyed by earthquakes, tornados, flooding and probably locusts.

Please donate to the Red Cross. Maybe God will spare the rest of us for being charitable.

P.S. Being an atheist I have no idea what "God" thinks. But since I don't believe any God exists I don't believe anyone else knows more about it than me.


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