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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sharp Contrast

While reading Frank Rich's excellent editorial from the Sunday NY Times I found this paragraph:

But a president who flew from Crawford to Washington in a heartbeat to intervene in the medical case of a single patient, Terri Schiavo, has no business lecturing anyone about playing politics with tragedy. Eventually we're going to have to examine the administration's behavior before, during and after this storm as closely as its history before, during and after 9/11. We're going to have to ask if troops and materiel of all kinds could have arrived faster without the drain of national resources into a quagmire. We're going to have to ask why it took almost two days of people being without food, shelter and water for Mr. Bush to get back to Washington.

I had totally forgotten about the way Georgie and jumped to do the right(white)-wing's bidding in the Schivo case. It is stunning when we are reminded of these actions in juxtaposition. Bush flew from Crawford in the early hours of the morning (disturbing the usual 8-10 hours he gets a night) in order to sign a bill that would force action on the Terry Schiavo case. Yet, as New Orleans was still filling with water he was sleeping in Crawford.


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