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Friday, March 24, 2006

Go Horns!

Wow, what a great end to the Texas-West Virginia Sweet 16 matchup. Texas dominated the first half getting ahead by as many as 15 before leading by 12 at the half. West Virginia came out in the second half shooting great and breaking down the Texas defense. Texas regained its composure shortly after West Virginia took a late lead and the game went back and forth until West Virginia tied it on a 3 point shot with around 8 seconds left. AJ Abrams tore down the floor and found Kenton Paulino a solid 3 feet outside the 3-point line on the left side. Paulino put up the shot with less than a second left and it rattled home as the clock expired. Awesome.

Amazingly that wasn't the only great game last night. The top ranked Duke team was overwhelmed by a stifling LSU defense and Gonzaga's win was snatched from their grasp by poor ball-handling (and IMHO poor officiating). I'm not terribly interested in the other side of the bracket although I have always like Georgetown. My Final Four matchup assumes the #1s, UConn and Villinova, win out so I hope that happens, but after the loss of Duke and Gonzaga some of the best storylines of the tournament have lost their thread.

Then again I think it would be a great storyline to talk about Texas holding the National Championships in Baseball, Football and Basketball all at the same time. That has never happened before. :-)

Hook'em Horns!


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