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Friday, March 10, 2006

Whitlock is witless

This idiotic hit piece on the espn website is annoying me. In the article Jason Whitlock, a columnist for The Kansas City Star, basically rips into Vince Young who, if you follow Whitlock's logic, should probably not even be drafted. Whitlock argues that Vince's choice of Agent and Wonderlick score are evidence that Vince lack's "humility", shows questionable "willingness to prepare", is "arrogant", "foolish", and has questionable "decision-making and maturity".

I do think the Whitlock article makes a few salient points. Vince's choice of agent that is a family friend and not an experienced professional might be a poor decision. However, Major Adams is a family friend, a lawyer and someone Vince trusts. He is not some idiot entertainer/businessman/promoter like Master P who's disastrous agent work is still affecting Ricky Williams career. Vince's choice at least makes sense. He knows he can trust his agent, something someone with his fame will have a hard time with for the rest of his life.

I also think Vince's Wonderlic troubles are unfortunate, mostly because of notoriety rather than the actual score he ended up with. Hopefully he will study for it more and end up with a decent score.

For a little more detail about Wonderlic scores:
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The rest of Whitlock's column is crap. "Humility is the No. 1 ingredient." to being a great NFL quarterback? Tell that to Joe Namath.

"Young's success in the NFL will hinge almost exclusively on his willingness to prepare." Does Whitlock know anything about Young's training regimen and preparation for the game? Does he mention quotes by anyone that does? Then he should shut up about it.

"Didn't Redskins running back Tim Smith and Cowboys cornerback Larry Brown have big games on football's biggest stage and later prove to be frauds?" This line is proof that Whitlock knows nothing about Vince Young. What about the Ohio State game? What about Michigan? What about Oklahoma State comebacks? This guy seems to have zero knowledge about Vince's actual experience and success.

Whitlock was doing a hit job on Vince Young. I wonder how much Matt Leinart and Jay Cutler's agents are paying him. Or is it just ESPN trying to bring down Young since they desperately wanted USC to win the Rose Bowl (Threepeat!). What a load of crap.


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