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Friday, April 07, 2006

Bush leaking Classified information for political purposes

Articles yesterday and today in the NY Times tell us that President Bush approved the leaking of classified information to reporters for political purposes. I realize that according to executive orders the President can declassify anything he wants, but the timeline is the problem here. If I understand it correctly the President said it was ok to leak the information around July 8th, ten days before the document was officially declassified. Not to mention the fact that the only logic behind the declassification was political.

Maybe I am too much of a freedom of information fan, but it seems to me that there are only two reasonable states that a government document should be in, publically available or classified and only available to those with the appropriate authorization. In my opionion all documents should be assumed public and should have to be proven to need classification. Even at that point I feel like only the portions of the document that relate to national security (or other confidentiality requirements) should be excised and the rest should continue to be public. I will certainly grant that this would be a complex process, but it would put the situation in the right perspective. Any document produced by the goverment was produced using my tax dollars and was made by people either elected by or appointed to serve me. I should have access to their work.

Update: Apparently the judge in the Moussaoui case has similiar feelings about classified documents.


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